A Word from the REAL Boss!

WOOF! Hey, I’m Tossa, the Chief Barketing Officer at Satori Marketing. I’m an office dog and started working with my mom as a puppy. Sometimes mom brings my little sister Shiva (Director of Toy Acquisitions) to the office, but we both know it’s out of obligation. It’s my job to keep everyone in line around this dog park! My human likes to pretend she runs things, but let’s be real. I’m the one barking the orders around here and…WOOF WOOF WOOF! Sorry—SQUIRREL!

Anyway, back to me. I thought it was time you finally heard from the real boss. Yes, I’m a little low to the ground, but trust me the air is better down here – and with one WOOF, my human picks me up and carries me like the princess I am.

Despite being super busy, between my naps, cookies…more naps…dinner time…more naps – I’ve found the time to write a dog blog! By now, you’ve probably heard of Turn Up with Your Pup. It’s only the COOLEST event happening this summer. What better way to keep up with all of the doggie details for the event than from a DOG! WOOF WOOF-a treat goes to me for that pawsome idea!!

It’s truly exhausting being the boss and thinking of these great ideas but somehow, I find the time to do it. Periodically I MIGHT toss Shiva a bone and let her chime in, but no promises. That’s all for now – I’m tired. WOOF! #TossaOut!



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