Prepare Your Paws at Smart Pawz

Hey there! It’s Tossa, the boss around here. Turn Up with Your Pup is only a few weeks away and we are so excited, but today I wanted to talk about something a little more serious: preparing your pets for a disaster.

Our friends over at The Harris County Office of Homeland Security are holding the 2018 Smart Pawz event on Tuesday, June 12th from 6:00 – 7:30pm. The event is intended to teach all my two-legged friends the importance of pet preparedness. Let’s be honest here, the world revolves around dogs like me, so it’s important to know how to protect us in the time of an emergency.

Unfortunately, I can’t count running out of treats as an emergency, but I can count those big scary storms that humans call hurricanes. While I’m sure you know how to prepare your home for this event, don’t forget to protect your furry friends. Bring us inside, keep us safe, stock up on our food, and don’t forget a VERY LARGE stockpile of treats! My mom spoils me whether there’s a big scary storm or not, but I have to make sure every owner knows just how to protect their prized pets.

Not only do you need to protect us during scary storms, we need protection from a few everyday things too. Sometimes it gets way too hot outside and the ground hurts my feet. One mighty woof and my mom is carrying me, but some dogs aren’t the perfect size (like me). Always feel the pavement before taking your pup on a W-A-L-K and don’t let your pup burn their paws on the ground!


That’s all for today! I’m super excited for this pawsome pet preparedness event so don’t miss it!

Bark at you later,


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