We’re Going to Raise the Ruff!

Hi! Arf! Hey! Hello! I’m Shiva, the Director of Toy Acquisitions at Satori Marketing. I’ve been forced to put my toys down and focus these last few days. Can you believe it!? Tossa, my older sister, has graciously put me in charge of all of the fun activities and toy operations for Turn Up with Your Pup!

Ya know, Tossa thinks she has to be so serious because she’s older. She’s always telling me to calm down and stop running everywhere, but let’s be real, I’m the fun one!

Anyways, when I meet all my new puppy friends at Turn Up with Your Pup, I’m going to take them to do all the fun puppy things! We will go to the puppy park and play! Then take a dip in the puppy pools to cool off, and maybe do a little sunbathing! We will strut around to visit the cool booths (hopefully they have some yummy treats for us)! I love the treats from Ellie’s Barkery so you can bet I’ll be walking by her booth a lot! Before the day is over, I’ll make sure my friends go home with a bag full of swag and pawsome puppy toys–all picked out by yours truly! A day full of puppy fun!

Don’t worry humans, I didn’t forget about you! You can play human games, jam to the music, check out the booths and bid on the silent auction all while chowing down on some BBQ with a cold one! I’ve tasted DIM Cookers’ BBQ before and, between me and you, please be sure to drop some of that BBQ for us! Oh, and just in case you don’t have an awesome dog like me yet, we will have a dog adoption where you can find your new furry friend! Then we can all go to the puppy park and play all day!

I am so excited to meet new puppy friends and new human friends. I might even share my toys with you, but you have to be extra special for that! Speaking of my toys, I need to go find them. See you June 22nd!

With love and toys,




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